Grace Placemat Set

Grace Placemat Set



Find in this guide the French sizes of our house linen that are available on our website. If you need a different specific size, please contact us for tailor-made services.

Placemat sizes38x49cm
Napkin sizes40x40cm
Tray matN/A
medium32cm x42cm
large38cm x49cm

Art de la table at its best!Add style & refinement to your tables with our unique hand embroidered floral placemats.Make your dishes look heartier and your table even more convivial.

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“100% Swiss Linen.
Placemat Dimensions : 38 x 49 cm.
Napkin Dimensions : 40 x 40 cm.
Ajour Detailing.”
*Each placemat is designed with its matching napkin for a complete harmonious look.