The Collections

Since 1968 Antoine Karam has been weaving an elegant legacy of high- quality house linen. With every stitch this family business has established a name synonymous with attention to detail, fine tradition and an unparalleled ability to meet and surpass expectations.

The Border Collection

Dive into our world of timeless bed sets, made of contrasted borders with ajour detailing.

The Lace Collection

Dress up your bed with our cotton sateen sets, embellished with meticulously made French or English lace.

The Embroidery Collection

The House’s famous embroidery covers many styles from modern to classical, to geometric, created with dedication & care.

Art de La Table

Explore our collection of table cloths, placemats, napkins and tray mats, finely made in premium Italian and Swiss linen, carefully handcrafted in our atelier by our skilled artisans.

Bed Linen

“You spend one-third of your life sleeping we make sure you do it in style!”

Your Antoine Karam bed Linens have been tastefully woven using the finest Italian textiles; unparalleled 100% cotton satin with the lushest finish. With proper care, they will live a long beautiful life in your home. From timeless, modern to floral embroidery our house offers a wide variety of designs for a personalized and sophisticated bedroom.

Bath Linen

Indulge in a luxurious feel like never before.

Feel the warmth and softness of our exceptional towels on your skin. Our bath linens are woven from high end quality terry cotton for the best absorbency and a greater finish


At Antoine Karam, we specialize in bringing your custom-made creations to life.
Whether it’s for your home, office, yacht, or jet, we will see that our craftsmen meet your demand, while taking your specific needs into consideration.

Boat Lifestyle

Sail into the sea with Style!

Customize your yacht or boat with our fully bespoke bedsheets, towels and table linen for unparalleled quality and design.

Premium Textiles

We use the finest Italian textiles made by the biggest manufacturer in Italy. Premium fabrics for unparalleled products.

Craftsmanship & Knowhow

More than 40 years of savoir-faire and craftsmanship with skillful artisans and embroidery experts; a family business growing in the heart of Beirut since 1968.

Soft & Shiny

A luxurious cotton satin with a tight and dense weave for a unique touch between softness, flexibility, and robustness.


An exceptional cotton made from long staple yarns, which becomes softer and softer after each wash.


All our cotton textiles are OEKO-TEX® certified, guaranteeing the absence of chemical products that are harmful to humans and to the environment.